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$75 per Referral!

Get paid to refer the 5-step outbound calling framework that thousands of B2B SDR’s are using to crush quota and get promoted!

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“I would recommend REVGEN's training to anyone that is interested in software sales. It sets you up with the foundation to be successful in SaaS sales.”

Corey Phuse

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“My Career in Tech Sales would have never been as successful if I didn't take the first step with REVGEN. Greatest decision I ever made! ”

Abby Keith

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“REVGEN taught me the importance of focusing on moving forward in both, tough times and success. Never stop questioning, tweaking, adjusting & improving ”

Amelia Caldwell

Calling All B2B Sales Development Reps!

We know your job is hard… and it isn’t going to get any easier without a proven plan for keeping your prospects on the phone and booking meetings with them.

❌ Making hundreds of calls to book a single meeting

❌ Getting no-shows or unqualified meetings

❌ Getting hung up on before they can even pitch their solution

❌ Constantly stressed because they don’t know what to say when a prospect picks up

❌ Missing quota or barely scraping by on the last week of the month

❌ Using outdated sales advice that isn’t relevant to B2B SDR’s

❌ Relying on emails that end up unread in the junk folder


This leads SDR’s to underachievement and burnout.

In the worst cases… they quit or get fired before they getting to experience all of the amazing benefits that a successful sales career brings.

Many young SDR’s feel like they’re not cut out for sales…

​When in reality they just need proper training.

Since you’ve landed on this page, that likely means you’re looking for a way to consistently book qualified meetings and hit your quota.

That’s where the REVGEN 5-step sales system comes in.



  • Module 1: Get To The Decision Maker

  • Module 2: The Hook

  • Module 3: The Pitch

  • Module 4: Qualifying Questions

  • Module 5: The Close

Modern Architecture


  • Overcoming Objections

  • Time Management

  • Creating Excitement and Curiosity

  • Important Metrics

  • Breaking The Frame

  • How To Leverage Email

  • Understanding Lead & List Strategy

  • Standing Out As A Top Contributor

So, if you’re looking to effortlessly book more meetings, maximize your comp plan, and get promoted to a closing role, access the REVGEN course today.

Meet your instructor

John Rosar

John has dedicated his career to helping SDR’s master the most important skill in sales, the prospecting call. John started his sales management career at ShareFile, leading a high-powered team of outbound sellers to be acquired by tech giant, Citrix. At Citrix, he spent over five years coaching hundreds of SDR’s to book record breaking amounts of meetings with a proven 5-step system. This laid the foundation for this REVGEN sales training program that he has run for almost seven years. This program is designed to take a sales novice to top performer in less than 30 days.

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