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REVGEN is your B2B Outbound Sales Engine.

We bring your product to market, with a focus on scalability & repeatability.

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1. Do Nothing. 

Leave your outbound operation as-is, and potentially risk losing market share to competitors who decide to invest in outbound and build predictable revenue from the top-of-the-funnel.

Your Options
for Outbound. . .

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2. Hire an outbound sales leader.

Making the wrong hire with the wrong experience costs you time, money, and even top current employees. . .it's a risky move, especially if you yourself don't know exactly what to look for in an outbound sales leader. 

3. Hire REVGEN!

Work with the outbound experts who've consulted hundreds of organizations, from SMB/SME to Enterprise, on outbound strategy and execution since 2014. 

Fully-Managed Outsourced

Lead Generation

Hire outsourced XDRs to generate pipeline.

Hire REVGEN to run a fully-managed, outsourced lead generation team. We handle rep hiring. lead and list strategy, and daily management. Great for companies that don't want to hire in-house just yet.

REVGEN's Core Capabilities

Strategy & Process

Scratch-built and rebuilt sales strategy.

Hire REVGEN to consult on outbound strategy. We can help guide you through tough decisions on things like hiring, lead and list strategy, messaging, and more.

Gap/Transitional Leadership & Management

On-demand sales leadership.

Work with REVGEN during gaps in leadership or during big transitions to ensure seamless and steady top-of-the-funnel pipeline is still flowing to the sales team.

Hiring & Training

Sales talent sourcing and training.

Experts in sales hiring, REVGEN can act as your talent bench, 24/7/365. With the size of our network and talent pool, we almost always have vetted candidates ready to fill vacant roles.

Hover over each category below to learn more about REVGEN's core services

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Online Courses

Sales courses available online.

Enroll in one of our online courses to learn more about the REVGEN sales methodology, and put the principles you learn into practice immediately.

Business Services

What is REVGEN, anyway?

Since 2014, REVGEN has built and scaled all things outbound for hundreds of sales teams, while training hundreds of salespeople along the way. Over the last decade, we've put up some impressive numbers...and we're only just getting started.


Industries Served


Revenue Sourced


Meetings Booked


Cold Calls Made


Salespeople Trained


Customers Served
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Product Sales Specialist
Brandon Hien

"REVGEN taught me the skills necessary to land a job at my dream company"

Syrmaira Brown

"I owe all of my success to REVGEN. They gave me the tools I need to thrive in sales."

Sales Development Representative
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Our leadership team has experience working at organizations like...

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1. GTM Evaluation

4-6 week evaluation around 6 core areas.

2. Scoping

~1 week to scope and define the project.

3. Onboarding

1-2 weeks to set up tools, systems, processes and messaging according to project scope.

4. Intensive Management

Length is project dependent; this is where the project is executed.

5. Trailing Support

After the intensive component of the project is complete, we will provide ongoing check-ins, consultations, and any other necessary services to ensure long-term success.

1. Onboarding

4-6 week sprint, during which we set up everything necessary to run fully-managed lead generation for your business.

2. Launch

Within days, you will start to receive leads qualified based on need and authority.

3. Feedback Loop

On a regular (typically weekly) basis, REVGEN leadership will meet with you to review progress, tweaks, and overall success.

REVGEN Engagements: Type & Timeline

Depending on the project, working with REVGEN may involve different (or multiple) parts of our business. Every REVGEN engagement begins with an Intro Call, and from there we will guide you to what makes most sense for your goals.

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Staffing & Talent

1. Ideal Candidate Scoping

Meet with our Talent Leadership team so we can learn more about your talent needs.

2. Candidate Interviews

Within days to weeks, we will start sending you REVGEN-vetted candidates for your open role(s).

3. Hire!

Time to choose! REVGEN-vetted talent regularly stands at the top of the candidate pile.

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4. Ongoing Talent Bench

Any time you need to fill sales positions in the future, notify our Talent Team and we will resume sending you candidates.

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Gabriel Romero

"REVGEN catapulted my entry into tech sales, giving me the freedom to pursue my passion"

Business Development Director

Book an Intro Call

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Thank you for contacting REVGEN.

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