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REVGEN Launches Online Training Program to Help Sales Reps Excel In Their Career

Guide to prospecting

Raleigh, North Carolina – 05-30-2023 – REVGEN, a leading provider of sales development services and staple in the Raleigh technology scene, is thrilled to announce the launch of its online sales training program focused on prospecting. With a track record of transforming thousands of sales development representatives into top performers and assisting hundreds of start-ups in boosting their revenue through outbound sales services, REVGEN is now sharing their secrets.

Their tried and true 5-step cold calling framework is currently used by in-house SDR’s to book qualified sales meetings at an extremely efficient rate. The course dives deep into solving the major obstacles that outbound sales reps face. From making that all-important initial connection to keeping the prospect engaged in meaningful conversation and crucially, obtaining a commitment for a follow-up sales meeting. It’s about more than just getting a “yes” - it’s about building a qualified pipeline in the competitive world of sales.

Why the need for an online course? Many SDR’s face a lack of ongoing support and training once they begin their career in sales. They often find themselves overwhelmed by the noise of countless sales recommendations, each one pulling them in different directions. REVGEN’s online course offers proven, in-depth training and is considered the gold standard of prospecting by phone.

Previously, only their in-house team had access to this training. Now it’s being offered to the public for the first time ever. The best sales professionals are always learning and improving, and now anyone has the chance to use the prospecting system that has successfully launched thousands of sales reps careers.

You can check out the course here:



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